About Joylynn Jossel

Joy has come a long way since the debut of her first title. In addition to publishing over two dozen works, she has branched off into literary consulting in which she provides one-on-one consulting and literary services such as ghost writing, professional read-thrus, write-behinds, content editing, etc... Her clients consist of first time authors, national bestselling authors and entertainers. The end result of a couple of her client’s projects was Joy being able to present their manuscripts to publishers and land book deals for them. Joy also writes under the name Joylynn M. Jossel in which she penned the sensual thrillers, The Root of All Evil and When Souls Mate. WET (April 2007) was her final Joylynn M. Jossel book. Speaking of last, Joy’s last JOY book was Mama, I’m In Love With a Gangsta, published October 2006 by Urban Books. JOY and Joylynn M. Jossel short stories were featured in a couple of anthologies, but that was the last her fans will be seeing of her. Not to worry, she hasn’t given up writing. She’s just changed what she writes. “Lately my spirit has been moving in another direction,” Joy states. She has since penned a Christian fiction piece titled Me, Myself & Him in which a woman struggles in her walk with God and His word because she’s still holding onto the hand of her mate-a man who is walking in the world. Finding herself trying to please man and God, she encounters the tough issues of reality. “I just hope that the dedicated following of readers I’ve been so blessed to have earned will decide to take this spiritual journey in the written word with me as I shift to pen what God has called me to do.”